W Burnside Street, 1967

W Burnside Street looking east from NW 23rd Avenue and SW Vista Avenue, April 6, 1967.


Looking east from W Burnside towards SW Vista Avenue, April 6, 1967: A2001-007.666

Looking east on W Burnside St.  from NW 23rd Ave. and SW Vista Ave., April 6, 1967: A2001-007.666

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SW Vista, NW 23rd & Burnside, 1913

We just can’t seem to leave this intersection, especially when VP fans like Bud Holland keep sending us such fantastic material. Murlark Hall again is the center of the action and the caption pretty much describes the scene. Note the “Benson Bubbler” behind the gent on the fire hydrant. Compare with this 1952 photo from the same vantage point. Thanks Bud, great stuff.

(Bud Holland)