SE 17th & Powell, 1954

Before SE Powell was excavated to pass under 17th Avenue, the two streets, and railroad tracks, met at the same grade. This 1954 photos shows that intersection looking north on 17th. This aerial view from 1965 puts the intersection into perspective.

(City of Portland Archives)

Pacific Northwest Bell Building, 1967

According to the University of Oregon Libraries, the Pacific Northwest Bell Building, at the corner of SE Belmont & 17th. was designed by famed Portland architect Pietro Belluschi. Apparently it’s been modified since this 1967 photo; the arched doorway to the left, and all the windows above, have been trimmed off to accommodate a more modern addition.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Campbell Townhouses, 1974

This lovely row of 1893 Queen Anne townhouses sits on NW Irving Street at NW 17th Avenue. The little streetside trees shown here in 1974 have matured into pretty large trees so the townhouses, also known as the Irving Street Brick Rowhouses, can be hard to see. You might get your best view during the winter months.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Portland Heights Panorama, 1903

This lovely 1903 image from Portland Heights encompasses Goose Hollow on the left, Union Station on the right, out to Mount St. Helens in the distance. The large white residence near the center was the Monroe Bennett Rankin home. Mr. Rankin made his fortune in the timber industry and built this fine home in 1890 on the block bounded by SW 16th and 17th Streets, Clifton and Myrtle Avenues. It’s no longer in existence and the four homes now on that block date from the late 1930s.

(Library of Congress)

Aerial, SE Powell & 17th Ave, 1965

Yesterday’s post showed traffic stopped for the train at SE Powell & 17th Avenue. This photo from the following year shows the same area from the air, apparently part of an aerial survey in preparation for building the underpass. Lots of good detail in this image.

(City of Portland Archives)