Swan Island and Mocks Bottom, 1935

Today we have an aerial of the airport on Swan Island and Mocks Bottom. This images was taken on February 7, 1935. You get a great view of the Swan Island Airport, Mocks Bottom, and the oil company docks in Northwest Portland.

Swan Island Airport and Mocks Bottom, Feb. 7, !935 :  A2005-005 1397.2

Swan Island Airport and Mocks Bottom, Feb. 7, !935 : A2005-005 1397.2


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Swan Island Airport Terminal, c1940

VP Fan and previous contributor Bud Holland sent in another great entry. This is the old Swan Island Airport terminal building circa 1940. Bud seems to remember that this was used as the headquarters of Oregon Shipbuilding during WWII. Can anybody provide more information on this? Great photo, Bud, thanks again!

swan island airport(Bud Holland)

Swan Island Airport, 1939

Portland’s rudimentary Swan Island Airport is clearly illustrated in this 1939 top-down photo. It was common in those days of unsophisticated instruments to paint the city name on a roof so early pilots knew they had the right (or wrong) airport. Except for rail lines, Mocks Bottom appears to be completely undeveloped at this time.

A2005-001.640 Swan Island Airport from the air 1939(City of Portland Archives)

Swan Island Airport, 1935

Portland’s main airport on Swan Island was only open a few years before it became obvious that the site offered little expansion room. The year after this 1935 photo, land was purchased along the Columbia River for a new airport. That airport, today’s PDX, opened in 1940, leaving Swan Island open for industrial development.

(City of Portland Archives)

Portland Airport, 1940

Portland’s first main airport was the Swan Island Airport. The Portland-Columbia Airport, located along the Columbia River in its present location, opened in 1940. The original terminal was along the north edge as you see here, just off N. Marine Drive. The new terminal opened in 1958 in its present location east of the NE/SW runway and it then became Portland International Airport. The original terminal building is now the airport fire station building.

(City of Portland Archives)