SW Madison & 5th, 1950

Lots of people out and about on SW Madison between 5th and 6th in this 1950 photo. The Milwaukee bus may have just dropped some passengers, women with kids out shopping perhaps, car repair decisions being made, and IBM and Lincoln/Mercury/Cadillac sales indicate an active, mid-century city before the high-rises are built.

(City of Portland Archives)

Jacob Kamm House, 1959

The Kamm Estate once was located on the present-day Lincoln High School property, and the Jacob Kamm House, built in 1871, was at SW 14th and Main. To make way for Lincoln High construction, the house was moved to its present Goose Hollow site (SW 20th just off Jefferson) in 1950. It fell into decline but was restored in the 1980s. It can be see in its original Kamm Estate surroundings in this previous posting from 1894. The house to the right no longer exists.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

W Burnside & 21st, 1953

Astute VP followers zeroed in on the distant white building with arches in yesterday’s post. Opened in 1926 as DeHoney’s Ballroom, it reopened in 1936 as the Uptown Ballroom, as seen in yesterday’s image. It was sold and had a grand opening as the renamed Palais Royale in October 1943. It held its last dance New Years Eve 1962 and was demolished the next month. With the exception of the ballroom, this 1953 photo is not much different from what you’d see today.

(City of Portland Archives)

NE Broadway & 33rd, 1953

You can probably still get a beer along NE Broadway just east of 33rd Avenue, but where you once would sit in the Cubby Hole Tavern you can now get a pizza and sit in the sun on a nice day. Benny’s cafe is long gone but the structure still stands. Even the billboards are still in place along this stretch of Broadway, and the little trees still soften the front of Gordon’s Fireplace Shop on the right.

(City of Portland Archives)

West End Ross Island Bridge, 1952

Finishing the year at a Vintage Portland fan favorite spot, the west end of the Ross Island Bridge, circa 1952. This view, looking southwest, shows what appears to be newly installed on- and off-ramps and connectors to Harbor Drive at the top. All the houses at the bottom of the photo are gone, as are all but four immediately beyond Failing School at right-center. I-5 now cuts along the bottom left corner. Compare with this view of the same area from 20 years earlier.

(City of Portland Archives)

N Interstate & Lombard, 1956

The Fred Meyer store and two gas stations still anchor corners at the intersection of N. Interstate and Lombard Street as they did in 1956, but the photographer whould now be standing in the middle of the Max tracks headed toward the Expo Center.

(City of Portland Archives)