Jantzen Beach, 1950

1950 was just about in the middle of Jantzen Beach’s time in Portland. “The Coney Island of the West” opened in 1928 and closed in 1970. This aerial photo looks east with the Interstate Bridge in the background.

(City of Portland Archives)

National Biscuit Co. Building, 1953

We saw this building in a 1917 view last month; here is how it looked 36 years later. Another 58 years have passed since this photo and freight trains no longer rumble down the center of the street. This looks northeast at NW 12th and Davis. The small white building on the next block was just demolished a couple of months ago.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Meier & Frank Parking Lot, 1955

Before Pioneer Courthouse Square became “Portland’s Living Room,” it was a two level parking lot owned by Meier & Frank department store. That block was a parking lot for about 30 years, from the early 1950s to the early 1980s. This view looks northwest from SW 6th and Yamhill.

(City of Portland Archives)

NE 42nd & Alberta Ct., 1958

You won’t find any bowling lanes at Columbia Bowl any more but you can still enjoy a drink (and some karaoke) at the Spare Room Lounge.  This 1958 view is south down NE 42nd from Alberta Ct.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 2nd & Washington, 1952

The Waldo Block, the Pacific Stationery Building, and the Grand Stable and Carriage Building still line the west side of SW 2nd between Washington and Stark, as they did in this 1952 photo.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW 6th & Morrison, 1953

It could be holiday shoppers crowding the sidewalk outside the Meier & Frank building in 1953. The photo was taken from the top deck of the new parking lot that replaced the Portland Hotel (and was then replaced by Pioneer Courthouse Square). A block down 6th, the 1926 Bedell Building (now Cascade Building) seems to have a lovely two-story arched entrance that is no longer there.

(City of Portland Archives)

SE 39th & Belmont, 1952

A rainy (and grainy) look north on SE 39th Avenue at Belmont in 1952. A couple of buildings still remain but the Cozy Pine Tavern offers no shelter from the rain today.

(City of Portland Archives)