Portland Panorama, c1880

In a discussion of Marquam Hill/Robinson’s Hill last week, Edmund linked to this terrific stereoscope image which begged its own feature. The view looks north up present-day SW 10th Avenue circa 1880, pre-dating the Old Church which would be directly ahead. I believe the vantage point of this image is the top of the steep slope at the end of 10th, just south of Clifton Street. Interestingly, there is an old brick reservoir gate house there still, and the construction we see here at extreme bottom left may be part of that reservoir.

(New York Public Library)

NW Portland Panorama, 1888

In a comment posted about last Friday’s West Burnside aerial photo, VP fan Edmund referred to this illustration in the 1888 “The West Shore” magazine. At center stage is the magnificent 1882 Knapp mansion, situated on the full block between NW 17th and 18th, Davis and Everett. Now a parking lot, its basalt wall still circles the block. The old Portland High School can be seen in the distance on the right. Other homes, churches and businesses are identifiable in this richly detailed illustration.

(Library of Congress)

Captain George H. Flanders Home, 1888

One of the grandest mansions in Northwest Portland was the home of Captain George H. Flanders which stood on the block bounded by NW 19th and 20th Avenues, Flanders and Glisan Streets. This view looks northwest from 19th and Flanders. Designed by Justus F. Krumbein and built in 1882, it was replaced in 1926 by the extant Temple Beth Israel. Much of the rock wall pictured here is still in place. Seen in the background is the belvedere atop the home of Cicero Hunt Lewis on the block between Glisan and Hoyt (now Couch Park).

(City of Portland Archives)

Plummer & Byerley Druggists, 1888

Yesterday’s post showed a “Plummer Drug Co.” sign at the corner of SW 3rd and Madison in 1948. That business almost certainly had its origins as the “Plummer & Byerley Druggists” pictured below in 1888. The company’s move from 1st and Main, pictured here, to 3rd Avenue came sometime in that 60 year span.

(City of Portland Archives)

Knapp, Burrell & Company

I’ve found very little about Knapp, Burrell & Company except that they were apparently in the agricultural implement business. Their business was located at SW Front and Taylor, and later the northeast corner of Front and Alder. This building, photographed in 1886, appears to be triangular in shape which doesn’t seem to fit either of those locations. Ideas anyone?

(City of Portland Archives)