“North” Portland, c1882

Circa 1882 Portland was only on the west side of the river as Albina and East Portland had not yet been annexed. To call this North Portland, as the label states, makes sense but it’s most definitely Southwest Portland now. The view is similar to this earlier VP entry where we look north on the block between SW 11th and 12th; The Old Church is nearing completion in the center. There are some handsome mansions fronting the South Park Blocks on the right; the side-by-side white Italianate homes belonged to brothers Ralph and Isaac Jacobs.

(City of Portland Archives)

SE Morrison & 6th, c1884

This tidy row of wood-frame homes was on the southeast corner of SE Morrison and 6th, c1884. The 1889 Sanborn map shows these buildings when street names at the time were N Street and Sixth Street (not Avenue). The rail line down Morrison belonged to the “Willamette Bridge R’l’y Co’s Motor Line.” A block east was a “wooden bridge on piles” that crossed a gulch and pond between Seventh and Tenth Streets. You can see that gulch across the river in this 1879 illustration.

(City of Portland Archives)

Portland Panorama, c1880

In a discussion of Marquam Hill/Robinson’s Hill last week, Edmund linked to this terrific stereoscope image which begged its own feature. The view looks north up present-day SW 10th Avenue circa 1880, pre-dating the Old Church which would be directly ahead. I believe the vantage point of this image is the top of the steep slope at the end of 10th, just south of Clifton Street. Interestingly, there is an old brick reservoir gate house there still, and the construction we see here at extreme bottom left may be part of that reservoir.

(New York Public Library)