Union Station, 1913

This is a great image of the exterior of Union Station from an atypical vantage point looking towards NW Broadway. To the left you can see the Depot Bar and in the center of the photograph, the Hotel Carlton shuttle. This image comes from a glass negative.

Union Station exterior looking west, Oct. 10, 1913 :  A2009-009.76

Union Station exterior looking west, Oct. 10, 1913 : A2009-009.76


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Carlton Hotel, 1917

The luxurious Carlton Hotel opened on SW Washington at 14th in 1911. This 1917 view is to the southwest, looking at the 14th and Burnside corner. This building was demolished for the stadium freeway which today passes under Burnside at this point.

A2000-003.38 Survey 26A Hotel Carlton 1917(City of Portland Archives)

W Burnside & 14th, 1917

This 1917 survey photo shows 505-511 Burnside which, before the city renumbering, puts this block on the north side of West Burnside between 14th and 15th Streets. This is directly across Burnside from the Carlton Hotel. The building in the distance is probably the North Pacific Dental College on the southwest corner of 15th and Couch.

survey 28 and 29 1917

W Burnside & 19th, 1910

Very cool 1910 photo of W. Burnside looking east from 19th Avenue through the intersection at 18th; Alder angles off to the right. Burnside was actually Washington Street at this time; Burnside ended where Washington angled in from the east, and Washington continued on to 23rd where it became Barnes Road. A number of buildings seen here are still around.

(City of Portland Archives)

W Burnside & SW 15th, 1917

The backsides of these shops faced West Burnside while the fronts opened onto SW Washington Street (on our right) in this 1917 photo. The view is southeast at Burnside and 15th and the 1911 Carlton Hotel looms in the background. You’d be looking down onto I-405 freeway today.

(City of Portland Archives)

Hotel Carlton, 1911

The operator of the Hotel Carlton promised that the hotel would be “the Ritz-Carlton of Portland” and “is to be the last word in comfort, convenience and luxury.” It opened on the northwest corner of SW 14th and Washington in 1911 but by the time it was demolished for the Stadium Freeway in 1965, it had been reduced in status to a home for the aged and disabled. Click here to read the full story (advertisement) in The Oregonian of May 7, 1911 about the splendor of the new hotel.

(University of Oregon Libraries)