9 thoughts on “Southeast Portland, 1971

  1. That’s not Kelly Butte in the distance, it’s Mt. Tabor. Kelly Butte would be just off frame in the upper right. I-205 wasn’t there yet, the commercial strip is SE 82nd AV.

  2. On the left side of the road (Mt. Scott Blvd.) is Lincoln Memorial Park cemetery and on the right side is Willamette National cemetery, both of which will be very busy this Memorial Day weekend. I usual make my visit on Friday when it is not as busy.
    In the distance is Dwyer Lumber Company. This photo a few years before I-205 freeway.

  3. Judging from the thick haze in this photo, the air quality in the Portland metro looked pretty poor back in 1971.

  4. This photo location fooled me for a few moments; there’s a lot more topography happening than I thought, though I drive this road regularly. Here’s the google map overview of the roads in the foreground:

    Besides fascinating geological history including one of the most ironically named magma flows, the Boring Lava Field, and being an affluent area called Happy Valley…sadly it doesn’t take much effort to find much more disturbing history. Not only does this photo include some of the 300 acres formerly owned by Harvey Scott, former Oregonian editor, divisive historical figure, and the hill’s namesake, but the photo is likely taken from or near a place the Ku Klux Klan had a perpetual burning cross in the 1920’s.



    I would support re-dedicating Mt. Scott, not to Harvey, but his sister, Abigail who left a much more worthy legacy.


    Another coincidence, Kelly Butte is named for the pious peace seeker and prominent pioneer preacher Reverend Clinton Kelly. He is buried in Lincoln Memorial Cemetery and adjacent Willamette National Cemetery which now includes all of the seemingly vacant lots in the lower half of today’s photo.


  5. I believe just out of frame to the left (or maybe obscured by trees?) is the old 82nd Ave. Drive In.

  6. Is it just me or is the historical Oregonian resource not discerning enough? You would think if one entered Edith Grant one wouldn’t get Grant high school. Edith Grant was Donald Macleay’s daughter. (It’s a long story).

  7. Abigail Duniway was a “nativist” and stridently anti-immigrant and veered into racist sentiments in her writings. Seems everyone is flawed after you scratch the surface.

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