10 thoughts on “Stanton Yard, 1931

  1. The pirate symbol painted on the tall fellows lunch pail, is quite amusing. There was quite a mix of ages here; 30-60 I’d say. The blurred shapes caused by all the shuffling around adds interest to the shot.

    There was not much in the way of waterproof clothing in Portland at this time, no Columbia, North Face or Mountain Hardware jackets here; mainly bulky army surplus jackets, or London Fog raincoats.

    The truck’s tires were in horrendous shape. This ride to the work site would have been miserable.

  2. It’s early in the morning, it’s raining, it’s wet and cold, their hard work is dirty and very necessary, and it’s 1931 — the Great Depression has begun. But at least these guys have jobs! Hope they’ve had their coffee.

  3. Some readers might not know that if you click on “Stanton Yard” in the line: Tagged Oregon, Portland, Stanton Yard you’ll be able to see all the older related posts. There are more than it first looks like, so click on “older” when you get there. It’s an easy way to see photos of the same building, inside and out, as well as the neighborhood. Best of all, you have access to some of our very interesting comments related to the Yard!

  4. Robin Thompson
    The city provided the workers with hot coffee on their job sites. If you enter “Coffee Campaign” in the search box you will see photos of the coffee being brewed and loaded onto a truck for delivery.

    Oregonian November 21, 1931
    Relief Crews Furnished With Hot Beverage by City Employees.

    Hot coffee is being provided by city employees for those emergency workers now assigned to public works department, it was announced yesterday by employment committee of city employees.
    The coffee will be made at the material yard yards, Stanton and Kerby streets and delivered hot to the workmen on the job. The hot coffee has been so appreciated by emergency relief workers that the city employees plan to extend their program to include about 400 emergency employees of the park bureau.

  5. The truck in the left background is an International, as evidenced by the company’s “double diamond “ logo.

  6. Correction on my last post: International trucks had a “triple diamond” logo, 2 white diamonds and a center blue diamond!

  7. If anyone that heads down the research rabbit hole of Stanton Yard and the Coffee Campaign, I’m still trying to figure out what brand of coffee they used! I’m guessing it was Boyd’s but I’d love it if someone can find the proof and answer.

    Liz C, Dennis, and many others: great tips to help spur interest and research! Thank you for all your contributions.

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