13 thoughts on “SE Francis Street, 1915

  1. The trombone player front right has an instrument with an F-Attachment. I didn’t know those had been invented then, but Wikipedia says they were invented in the late 1800s. Great photo.

  2. This streetview is on SE 33rd place, but the SE Francis side shows the door location where the fire engines were located.

  3. What a treat this photo is!

    The band makes several appearances in the Historical Oregonian database. In April 1913 it gave a concert at “the new fire station at Irvington… the band will play for about an hour and a half and a committee of residents will serve punch. The public is invited to attend.” (4/25/1913, p. 13)

    A couple of months later the fire and police department bands combined to raise money to send the Fire Department Band to New York in September to attend the international convention of fire chiefs. “The combined bands will be one of the largest musical aggregations of the kind ever heard in Portland, each band having 32 pieces. (6/29/1913, p.23)

    Another two months later, “BAND GIVES FREE CONCERT: Fire Department Musicians to Play on Way to New York.” The band was to give a free concert at Council Crest, but also “hopes to raise a considerable sum from the concessions to help in making up the $1500 deficit which is needed to defray the expenses of the 33 members of the band on their trip East.” (8/18/1913, p.5) The article goes on to list the cities through which the band would be traveling, starting with Tacoma and going through Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, and many others including Washington D.C., planning to give concerts in many of them.

    Subsequently, “The Portland Fire Department Band opened the eyes of Father Knickerbocker and the provincials of little old New York” (9/3/1913); “The Portland Fire Department Band arrived in Washington tonight, and tomorrow…will give brief concerts and the Capitol and White House. The band will play for the Senate at 9:45… and will play for the President at the White House at 2 p.m.” (9/8/1913, p. 9)

    Upon their return home they were met at Union Depot by “hundreds of friends [who] gathered at the depot to welcome the members home…” “Wild applause arose throughout the depot as Portland’s welcome to the fire laddies… ‘It was a great trip.’ This was the unanimous acclaim of the firemen who came in completely tired out from the [trip.]”
    (9/17/1913, p.10)

  4. In this era it seems like ‘group’ photos were a thing, not so much in the later part of the century.

  5. When this fire station was built in 1912 it did not have a station number but was called “Kenilworth Engine House ” or Kenilworth Station” the Oregonian published a photo of the new station on April 28, 1912 (page 10) with the following caption.

    Kenilworth gets station costing $16,000—The new Kenilworth engine-house, at East Thirty-third street and Francis avenue, is nearing completion, it is of brick construction. It will contain all conveniences for the fire company which will occupy the structure. The cost completed will be $16,000. It was planned at the special request of the Kenilworth Improvement Club along artistic lines.

    Oregonian July 21, 1912 page 8 excerpt

    Kenilworth Makes Progress, Movement under way to pave all streets in district.—-Recently the city completed a modern engine house on Francis avenue and East Thirty-third, but without paved streets apparatus will be almost useless. A chemical combination fire engine will be installed this fall.

    Kenilworth station 25 remained open until they moved in September 1959 to new station was built at SE 52nd & SE Mall.

    Susan the the man in the back looks like he is holding a book above his head, perhaps a Bible.

  6. Oops, I meant to post the SE Francis St since to show the old fire engine doors. July 2019 streetview.

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