19 thoughts on “SW Park Avenue, circa 1962

  1. We were sneaky kids at that time ; my brothers and I would put a note in the milk box requesting ice cream and chocolate milk..that didn’t go on for long 😔.

  2. A ‘50’s era Divco milk truck (they changed little from ‘38-‘68) with a ‘62 Pontiac wagon behind.

  3. All the ivy has been removed from the exterior facade of the club. The adjacent brick building on the right has been replaced.

    Divco was a brand name for delivery trucks built and marketed in the United States. Divco is an acronym that stands for Detroit Industrial Vehicles COmpany. Divco became known for its multi-stop delivery trucks, particularly in use as home delivery vehicles by dairy producers. From 1926 until 1986, Divco produced trucks of various sizes and job descriptions.

  4. Boy the brakes used to squeal on those old trucks. You could hear em stopping from a block away. We used to try and talk the driver out of some ice.

  5. When I was a kid we had Sunshine milk delivered and the house across the street had Alpenrose milk delivered, and think that my mother had order slips provided by Sunshine that she ordered from. She would put the order slip in the milk box next to the front door. The milkman would arrive in his Divco driving while standing then come to the milk box for the order form, and then back to the truck to fill the order.
    After we stopped having milk deliver we went to See,’s drive-in dairy that had the reusable glass bottles.

  6. Went inside the Arlington Club for work a few times. There was a chalkboard in the basement for members to sign up for a golf tournament. Two vice-presidents of the company I work for were on that list. Company paid for memberships.

  7. The building to the right was the 1919 Knights of Columbus building at the southwest corner of Park and Taylor streets. The 4-story with full basement building was of stone, steel and mill construction. Spanish renaissance in design, with facades of tapestry red brick trimmed with red terra cotta. The basement had a swimming pool, lockers, dressing rooms and a bowling alley. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors had club and assembly rooms, parlors and galleries. 4th floor had a gymnasium, hand ball and squash courts. I believe it survived until the early 80’s as the Aero Club building.

  8. The car behind the Pontiac wagon is a ’63 Pontiac Catalina. I also thought it was a ’66 or ’67 Fairlane at first.

    When I was around 5, the neighbor’s toddler was playing around in the Alpenrose Divco truck and somehow released the brake. He jumped out but the truck rolled down their long steep driveway, careened across the street, crashed through a hedge and hit a house. The truck wound up on it’s side with dairy products scattered all over the yard. This would have been around 1968. Exciting stuff when you’re little.

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