12 thoughts on “Studio Building, 1964

  1. So there was a Standard gas station with 1 hour 40 cent parking where Direc tors Park is now; that’s an improvement.

    Amazingly all three buildings in the background still remain:
    Medical Arts Building.

    Building at left

    Studio Bldg.

  2. Attached to the left corner of the Studio building is the sign for the Guild theater which is on SW 9th to the right of the Studio building, and today reads Pastini

  3. Here is a little info on the parking garage shown in the streetview.

    This building was built in 1927 and opened on August 29, 1927 as “Bates Motoramp Garage” at the corner of SW Taylor & 9th ( 9th was West Park in 1927) and sits between SW Taylor & SW Salmon and had 550 parking spaces.

    Oregonian August 29, 1927 excerpt


    Thousands visit building to view auto show
    More than 15,000 people visited the automobile show that was held Friday, Saturday, and yesterday at the Bates Motoramp garage in West Park street as a feature of its opening. Those were entertained by Novak’s Vaudettes, and were shown 150 of the newest models of practicaally every make of car sold in Portland.

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