18 thoughts on “Street Resurfacing, 1950

  1. That asphalt paver spreader gizmo is a marvel. I imagine that lots of coordinated effort would be required in this work. Everyone here looks to be concentrating on their various task. I can just smell the hot tar, and the workers had to have very rugged high-topped boots for this kind of work. And, at the end of the workday, I’m sure many of these men heard their spouses call out, “Be sure and take your shoes off outside, dear.” when they got home.

  2. I had no luck finding this location today…lots of these neighborhoods must have been taken out for highway construction.

  3. this seems likely to have been south end of street, possibly where 405 now runs. anyone recognize the houses?

  4. The topography indicates that we are looking south-southwest on Park. From Salmon all the way south to Clifton St. (removed with I-405 construction) SW Park was up against the South Park blocks; there would be no houses to see. I believe that the cross street in the image is Taylor, Yamhill, Morrison, Alder, Washington, Stark (now Harvey Milk), or Oak. There would have still been residential homes in this area in 1950. I welcome discussion as to which intersection is the more likely one.

  5. Jay there were homes on SW Park south of SW Market street –for example where Cramer Hall at PSU now is on SW Park there was the Jennings home. This could be looking north on SW Park at roughly where Cramer Hall now is.

  6. Jay if you take a look at the aerial photo from 1948 on Portland Maps you will see that all the buildings on SW Park between Taylor st. and Oak st. are commercial type buildings. On the 1948 aerial photo you will see residential homes to the south near PSU

  7. Is that a 1936 DeSoto Airstream Custom Touring Sedan to the right? Can’t see enough of it to be sure?

  8. Dennis, I am assuming that we are looking south on Park, because the cross street in the upper right of the photo extends up a hill, presumably to the west. I don’t know of anywhere on Park where an intersecting street rises to the east – I think they are all flat or descend down a hill. If in fact this is a north-facing view of Park with houses to the east, then what you are saying makes sense. If it is a south facing view, then the only thing to the right (west) of Park should be houseless parkland and trees – or as you pointed out, commercial buildings. So…maybe it is north facing? Still doesn’t explain the grade of that intersecting street.

  9. Kraken – excellent point. This has to be a south facing view on Park. Where would there be houses to the west of Park St. along its length in 1950? The aerial view from from 1948 that Dennis directed me to shows only commercial buildings or the South Park Blocks to the west of Park Ave. I’m having a hard time even coming up with candidates for this location.

  10. March 27, 2013 posting here, “South Park Block Aerial, 1938” shows the intersection of SW Jackson with SW Park. Note there are two parallel Park St. The west side street shows the profile of two houses on that block that closely match the facades of the background paving photo. The uphill slope of Jackson would also match the street shown. I suggest that this is the location in this photo.

  11. The South End of Park Ave. that curved around to Jackson St had on the East side Shattuck Grade School with that park block having swings, merry-go-rounds, slides, monkey bars and jungle Jim equipment for the school children’s use. I know, I lived in the area at 2705 SW 5th Ave. in the mid to late 50’s.

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