9 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, 1964

  1. Looks like VW wins today’s auto sweepstakes.
    The VW Bug parked at the corner appears to have been left unlocked with both driver’s side windows open, and they happily left their umbrella behind in the backseat.

    That parked 1960 Chevrolet Thriftmaster pickup is worth between 5 & 25 thousand USD today.

    In traffic, the VW Camper Bus (year ’61?) was a fun car to take trips in but not fun to park in cities.

    The 1960 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88, in the intersection, was a nice riding car.

    I remember seeing those old GM “Fishbowl” transit buses in the early ’60 s.

  2. The building behind the construction fence in 1964 was the new headquarters for Equitable Savings & Loan at 1300 SW 6th. This building was the second Equitable Savings & Loan designed by Pietro Belluschi. The light colored concrete walls were precast at Swan Island, and at street level the plaza had 2 fountains and 18 trees. The new building opened on March 1, 1965.

    The building behind the Equitable building was was built in 1961, and opened in the spring of 1962 as The Doric Motor Hotel, but in 1964 it had been renamed the Americana Motor Hotel at 1414 SW 6th.

  3. That hotel has been renamed a number of times. I think it was a Days Inn for awhile then the Nortana now the Zags

  4. Both my husband and I worked at Equitable Savings & Loan. I started 1971 and he started in 1972. We were there through the bitter end when Equitable and Benj. Franklin S&L merged in Oct. 1982. Spent many lunch times on the plaza when the weather was good. 🙂

  5. a vw bus is only a foot or so longer than a beetle. you just needed to remember the front wheels were beneath your butt and not in front of your feet and it was a dream to park.

  6. Today’s Hotel Zags, seen in the background in this photo, was known as the Doric Portland Motor Inn in 1964. At the time it was one of Portland’s newest and most luxurious motor inns — a fairly new concept in the early ’60s. It had a wonderful outdoor swimming pool, an excellent restaurant frequented by lots of business people and out-of-towners, and the design and theme throughout the motor inn was very sleek and modern. In 1964 the Doric Portland was an exciting place to stay right in the center of everything! I loved it!

  7. We didn’t stay overnight, but we enjoyed many a lunch at the restaurant (don’t remember the name), when we worked at Equitable S&L in the 1970s. Their Monte Cristo sandwich was my favorite. 🙂

  8. wploulorenziprince: the lady in blue is crossing SW 6th Ave not Jefferson; she is walking East on Jefferson St.

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