8 thoughts on “Mill Ends Park, 1976

  1. Mill Ends Park is an indirect reminder of the media personalities that shaped Portland. At one time, it seemed like *everyone* read Dick Fagan and his “Mill Ends” column, or *everyone* read Doug Baker, or *everyone* listened to Barney Keep, or *everyone* listened to Craig Walker…

    With the diffusion and proliferation of media and media voices in todays world, we have lost that common connection that comes with have that one trusted, enjoyable person that got every day going and introduced LOCAL topics that got us thinking about our town and our neighbors. And drew us all a little closer together.

  2. I see over the years that Mill End Park has been damaged; now that we are getting close to the 50th anniversary. It is time to think about putting in barriers to protect the park. On the concrete half circle on the south side of the park put in some yellow stations and on the northwest side of the park and road divider also yellow stations. This will preserve the park for future generations to enjoy the beauty and innovations of Portland’s livability.

  3. Back when there were newspapers . . . . I delivered the Journal on bicycle for a few years around 1959 (including through the strike). My suburban area wasn’t strong pro-union, so I didn’t encounter threats or other incidents. I delivered the 5 dot and not the later “green stripe” edition. The paper included extensive stock market quotes, a notable achievement since it was printed about 2-3 hours after the stock market close. Daily and Sunday was $1.95 a month (and I was lucky to get the nickel tip from my thrifty customers). I read the paper, but didn’t pay too much attention to Mill Ends column.

  4. Mill Ends Park got a stem-to-stern revamp as a result of recently-completed Better Naito Forever project.

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