17 thoughts on “SW Salmon Street, 1944

  1. Sick’s beer, brewed in Seattle, also made Rainier beer. Sick’s Seattle stadium hosted West Coast league baseball for many years.

  2. @Bruce Newell
    Sick’s owned a small brewery in Salem that provided products to Oregon. During the 40s, Sick’s had purchased rights from Rainier Brewing Co. (San Francisco) to sell Rainier only in Washington and possibly some regions to the east. Sick’s and Brew 66 were brands sold in Oregon until 1952, when Sick’s gained all rights to the Rainier label (and closed the Salem brewery).

  3. I can understand why the “6/Sicks” Beer name didn’t last…Sicks may have had a “bad boy” appeal, but using the number 6 alone may have been a wiser choice for longevity.

    I noticed the little travel trailer parked in the lot, too; these have been enjoying a comeback in the past 10 years (i.e., SoCal lightweight camper trailer).

    I wonder if the couple (John & Ruth) in the photo look like they are walking back to their car, either in this lot or a different one far along.
    The guy in the overalls looks as though he’s the lot attendant, outstretching his legs.

  4. Oregonian November 9, 1915 ( page 3 ad)

    Dwight Edwards Co., Portland Or.
    Manufactures of Dependable Coffee, Teas, Spices and Baking Powders.

    Excerpt from the obit. of Dwight Edwards Sr. — Oregonian April 9, 1915
    He was 45 years old and had lived in Portland for about 10 years. He was born in Carson City , Nev., and at the age 20 he went to San Francisco, where he became associated with Mill Brothers ( I think it would have been Hills Brothers), wholesale coffee and tea dealers. In 1905 he came to Portland and assisted in the organization of the Dwight Edwards Company, which became one of the leading wholesale coffee houses in the Northwest.

    Upon the death of Dwight Edwards Sr. his son Dwight Jr. took control of the business, of Edwards Dependable Coffee. The coffee brand is said to have been sold to Safeway stores in 1931, and “Edwards Coffee” became the house brand for Safeway.

  5. In 1935 Dwight Edwards Company had opened a new coffee roasting plant in Portland at 224 SE 2nd, with additional roasting plants operating in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and Dallas. where they roasted coffee Edwards, Airway and Nob Hill brands.

  6. DJ, yes. Black and white photography, to me, has a subconscious effect on what I’m looking at. It always makes it seem like life is a ‘before and after color photography’ history so I tend to see them as two different times when it reality they’re the same. A false lens you could say.

  7. What caught my eye immediately were the folks on the sidewalk. A well dressed couple and following , maybe a guy getting back to work after his lunch break.

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