12 thoughts on “NE 24th Avenue, 1944

  1. Looks like the City didn’t care about adverbs back then, either. I assumed that was a new phenomenon.

  2. The large house at the right edge of the photo was built in 1938 and still looking good at 4029 NE 24th.

  3. Best approximate google map location, March 2016:

    A very odd intersection with 3 roads converging like a 4 way.

  4. The slatted fence with the V-boards across the top didn’t survive, but it looks like the rose bushes in front of it did.

  5. The foreman nearest the camera, wielding a long stick, appears to be looking at someone possibly standing in the yard of the house, off camera, on the right. The man on the sidewalk also seems to be looking at whatever the foreman is looking at.

    At first, I thought there was a dachshund on the sidewalk on the right; I think I see ears? Perhaps it’s just another lantern.

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