10 thoughts on “SE Belmont Street, 1955

  1. The buildings in this area haven’t been leveled and replaced! The exteriors (but not the color schemes) of the row houses look similar to a place four of us PSC (!) students rented for $65 a month (total) in the fall of ’66 near NW 14 and Northrup. Then we had two small bedrooms and a bath, with a single gas heater in our sitting room (possibly dining?) A similar house with family was next door. Nehalem Valley Freight on the other side. Landlord was hardware warehouse manager behind.

  2. A classic brick apartment building in Portland. Seems like they’re everywhere or at least they were in the past. Most of the affordable apartments they put up now are fiber cement siding and vinyl windows. They may not last as long.

  3. When the building was new ad for apartments June 1912

    WELLESLEY COURT, 155 East 15th St. corner Belmont, 2 and 3 room furnished or unfurnished new modern apts. Every convenience, including private phone and bath. $20 to $33

    Adjusted for inflation approx $600 to $1,000 today

  4. A ‘55 Studebaker Hardtop in front of the building, and a 1950 Studebaker Champion sedan around the corner!

  5. That’s a ’48 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible in the center of the photo. To its right, is a ’50 Studebaker Champion Coupe, and lastly, to its left is a ’55 [another] Studebaker.

    Parked nearest the camera, possibly a ’48 Chevrolet Stylemaster Sport Sedan Police car or a City car.

  6. @Fender
    I’m not sure of the quality of the brick-faced apartment house with respect to earthquake survival. I would be interested in knowing the details of construction and upgrades. Modern construction is required to be better designed for earthquakes. I would wager that the little row wood frame houses might also fare better in an earthquake than the old apartment house. (learn about the Cascadia fault!)

  7. ArnieM has a good point. There are a lot of buildings in Turkey and Syria that have been reduced to a heap of blocks by the recent earthquake. The photos in the media say a lot – no rebar showing.

  8. I live here and have for years wondered if an old pic of the building would pop up on VP! I recently found one even older- I’ll send it in.

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