16 thoughts on “SE Woodstock Boulevard, 1965

  1. Just about a mile east of Sho’s Mobil that was located at 4106 SE Woodstock for many years. Sho was a great guy with smile for every customer every day!

  2. Things are changing…the US Bank closed its branch last week, and just to the left of this photo, the former Joinery location is now a giant hole in the ground.

  3. Igor I noticed this branch was closed a few years ago, and news stories from October 2020 listed 26 branches in the Portland area that were closing.

  4. The February 2022 Google streetview of the US Bank shows the sign had been removed and the front door is boarded up, and a for lease sign out front.

  5. Wow! Makes a morning “Blast from the past” smile. I sure miss Arctic Circle. And their prices! Great burg’s, fries, & sauce. Thanks VP.

  6. Banks are notorious for creating “dead zones” in communities. It would be nice if they were torn down and some other things would go in to replace them, but there’s always another bank that moves in.

    I once lived in this neighborhood (2006-2013) off of Bybee Blvd. I’ve had conversations with “old timers” who say Woodstock Blvd. has always been heavily congested with traffic at different parts of the day.

    Cars from left to right: Ford Falcon, ’63 Rambler Ambassador, Ford Country Squire? ’59 Chevy Impala, ’64 Dodge Fury, black ’65 Ford Galaxie.

    Looks like a grandmother in a heavy coat walking up Woodstock with her two grandsons.

  7. Arctic Circle was founded in 1950 by Don Carlos Edwards in Salt Lake City, UT.

    The Edwards family owns half of the 71 locations in UT, ID, NV, AZ, OR, WA, and WY (no longer in CA).

    The company claims to have invented the regional condiment fry sauce; the company also claims to be the first burger chain to invent and sell “a kid’s meal.”

    19 cents seems to have been the going rate for a lot of fast food being around this time (Taco Bell, Jack-In-The-Box ) in San Diego.

  8. Arctic Circle had one of many 19c hamburgers in Portland. In high school (’63 to ’65), we went to Arctic Circle around NE Halsey and 111th. Most of the 19c burgers were wiped out by the McDonalds 15c burger invasion. Arctic Circle still survives though. I remember thinking that 4c extra for Arctic Circle’s shredded lettuce and ketchup/mayo was worth it. And the shakes and fries were better too.

  9. Arctic Circle was our go-to for lunch after swimming lessons at the Astoria YMCA when I was a kid in Seaside! It was also an occasional stop when I walked home from Junior High in Grants Pass. Also, the hang out after high school church youth group in Grants Pass. AC Greasy!

  10. Another beautiful Chevy Impala. I remember when McDonald’s came into Portland (late ’50s?), all the burger joints had to lower their prices from 19 cents to 15 cents. I never ate at an Arctic Circle in Portland, but they were all over Salt Lake City in the ’70s.

  11. I lived on 48th Henry. Passed by Bank and Arctic Circle on way home from Woodstock Grade School. My parents were good friends with Sho who owed mobile.

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