Help Us Out!

A large crew graveling SE Holgate, 1934. Can anyone identify where this is on SE Holgate Boulevard?

City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2000-025.643.

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FOUND: SE Holgate Blvd and SE 32nd Ave

27 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. Could it be right around 32nd Ave, right across from Kenilworth Park? The street sign in the left appears to read “SE 32nd Ave” and the building across the street says “I.O.O.F.” which I think stands for Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The retirement home that stands at the spot today is owned by the Odd Fellows and it resembles the building in the picture, or at least the entrance does.

  2. Building on right is Odd Fellows/Old Folks Home on @30th SE Holgate. Kenilworth park is across the street. Grout School at intersection.

  3. The buildings on the right are the Odd Fellows Home at 32nd Ave across from Kenilworth Park. The main building to the far right was apartments for seniors retirement, and the more distant building was originally an orphanage and later also was apartments for seniors.

  4. The 1934 IOOF building survives today, but with a rebuilt of the top floor, most of the porch stripped off, and a wing added on the east end of the building.

  5. I’ve always wondered why Holgate turns to get around the north end of this property. Was the Odd Fellows hall there before Holgate?

  6. Thorn: I backed your photo down to 2904 Se Holgate, which shows it like the present photo of Holgate approaching the curve by Kenilworth school.

  7. The house in the photo further west looking east is still there and looking good, well kept and built well…

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