SW Front Avenue, 1910

The Beebe Company on SW Front Avenue between SW Stark Street (SW Harvey Milk Street) and SW Alder Street, 1910. This image was originally posted back in 2010. There is some great information in the original post.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2004-002.1080.

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15 thoughts on “SW Front Avenue, 1910

  1. At one point, the three buildings shown here were the home of the Oregon Steam Navigation Company. I think they occupied this site before moving to the Zeta Psi building and being acquired by the O.R.&N.

  2. The Beebe Company was established in 1884 in Portland and Astoria, Oregon by Charles F. Beebe as ship builders and dealers of equipment for the shipping, sailing and fishing industries. It has passed down for five generations, but when Robert Beebe retired in the late 80s the historic family brand lay mostly dormant.
    Great, great grandson of the founder, Silas Beebe resurrected the brand in 2012 to apply international product design and development expertise to durable and innovative leather goods we can still manufacture here in the USA.

    Today, The Beebe Company specializes in stylish universal phone mounts for cars, bikes, and motorcycles, daily carry, and travel.

  3. According to the previous post the address of the Beebe company was 42-46 SW Front (Naito). That would put it around Ash, not Alder. So, which was it?

  4. Minor correction to today’s post. The buildings were actually on the East side of Naito between Ash and Pine.

    The Grand Era of Cast Iron Architecture in Portand lists the side buildings as constructed in 1865 and the center portion constructed in 1870.

  5. Photo date: Saturday, December 31, 1910.

    That shiny new ship’s anchor looks impressive; I wonder who got to move that into the delivery wagon?

    The image is of a cast iron building front between Alder and Stark Sts. Parked in front is Mr. Turkelson, owner of a one-horse-for-hire rig. The horse pictured is a retired fire horse and would chase after every fire engine that passed. Organizations: Crescent Paper Company, Heitshu, Grant & Company; The Beebe Company; Zan Brothers.

  6. Other businesses in this photo. Zan Bros. broom factory @ #50 & 52 (note brooms in the window under #52) — The Beebe Company @ #46 & 48 (prior years show it was the location of Allen & Lewis wholesale grocery) — Heitshu & Grant (classified ads read Heitshu & Grant ** Bottles-Corks-Demijohns ** 44 Front St. ** Drug and Manufactures Agent)

  7. I was curious what “Plymouth Rope” was, so did some looking: the Plymouth Cordage Co. out of Plymouth, Mass. was a popular and well-known manufacturer of twine and rope, the latter often used on ships at the time.

    Also, Plymouth twine was well known by farmers in the midwest as a quality product for bailing hay, so when the Chrysler Corporation was ready to launch a low-priced line of cars in 1928, they also used the name Plymouth as a sign of dependable quality. At least, that’s what Wikipedia says.

    And…I’ve learned something new today. 🙂

  8. The Beebe Company was in this building from about 1907 to 1914. The address was 46 and 48 Front Street which became 120 and 122 S. W. Front Avenue. The buildings are on the east side of Front Street between Ash and Pine Streets.

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  10. Cool pic, but I guess I’m a little confused as to why this photo is being re-posted instead of a new photo.

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