13 thoughts on “Insect Control, 1956

  1. I always hesitate to comment on Tuesday mornings because I believe the admin of this site is in a meeting on Tuesday’s and if you comment it will look repetitive since by 9:43 am many must have commented but they have not been ok’d yet. That said looks like perhaps Swan Island.

  2. A repurposed WW2 SBD dive bomber. Technically this is an A24-b. Here is a blurb I found online about this plane.

    “In 1970 it was sold to John and Barrett Tillman of Pacific Aeronautical Corp, Lake Oswego, Oregon who restored the aircraft. In 1974 it was sold to Douglas Champlin of Windward Aviation, Enid, Oklahoma and reregistered N17421. From March 1975 till 2002 the aircraft had been on display as an SBD-5 at the USMC Museum, MCAS Quantico, Virginia. Thereafter is has been on display at the National Museum of the USAF, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio.”

    Anyone have any ideas about the aircraft behind the SBD?

  3. The Bug Bomber has a name under the cockpit…Something Buster. Can anybody make out the first word? I doubt it is the name of the pilot, unless his nickname was “Buster”

  4. Of the nine men pictured here, the tall man leaning against the front of the truck, wearing dark clothes, has the most curious pose. His palms are behind his back (padding), and his feet are crossed in a show of “casualness.” His head is bent forward, and only his eyes look toward the camera. He doesn’t seem pleased that he’s been asked to participate in a group photo this Monday in May.

  5. Robert the City of Portland has (2) A-24 / SBD Dauntless that were used for spraying. The plane pictured here I never saw a tail number, but the other N9142H I detailed in earlier comments. The plane behind today’s plane is an AT-6 trainer which I commented about these planes on April 1, 2021 & April 29, 2021.

    The SBD/A-24 that had tail number N9142H is restored and it is located at Erickson Aircraft Collection in Madras Oregon. The Erickson website has several nice color photos of the old Warbird.

  6. They quit doing this and started planting “mosquito fish” in the outlying ponds etc. When I was a kid in the early 60’s we used to go down to Delta park and scoop up a few and bring them home. They look just like guppies.

  7. I’m thinking the guy on the far left, with the head gear in his right hand and the thick collared coat under his overalls, must be one of the pilots.

  8. Dennis, the plane behind the SBD is not an AT-6. The landing gear scissors are mounted 180 opposite than a T-6. Plus the engine cowl looks small for a t-6 too.

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