19 thoughts on “SE Floral Avenue, 1934

  1. The fourth man back from the left with his shovel in a mound of dirt is the oldest worker of this group. He is probably in his 50s, while the rest of his co-workers are 10 to 20 years younger. This is tough work, but at least it wasn’t raining.

    The guy looking at the camera (I’ll call him Cam Winston) looks friendly in this pose, with his distinctive well-creased hat on his head.

  2. Nice shot. The 5 guys hand digging a sewer trench and the guy on the far right in the background in slacks and overcoat probably coming out of the home and into his car to go downtown to his office.

  3. This is Burnside and Laurelhurst Place, which is one block east of Floral (approximately 3601 E. Burnside). The same is true for the related link from October 24th that is also incorrectly titled “Floral.”

  4. Mike you have correctly identified the white house as 721 NE Floral Pl. If you look at the March 2009 Google streetview of the house you can see all the detail if the house match today’s photo, with the exception of the rafter tails which likely rotted after many years of exposure to the rain.

    The original owner of this house was Herbert S Mc Cutchan an attorney in Portland who had his office in the Henry Building. Mr Mc Cutchan died in this house in July 1939 at 63 years old after being ill for 3 years, and that is possibly Mr Mc Cutchan at the rear of the car in front of the house.

  5. If you look close at the street sign on the pole facing away from you. ( The backside of it) you can see the wood that was inside of the sign. I have several of those old blue and white City of Portland street signs. I have one with the original wood still in the slot in the back of the metal sign. The wood is there to make it easier to attach the metal sign to a wood post or in this case to a telephone pole.

  6. this is between Burnside and Ankeny SE Floral Pl. Floral continues North till it reaches NE 37th and Hassalo and then ceases.

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