11 thoughts on “Harbor Wall, 1935

  1. I agree with Mike. I think the photo title is misleading. The harbor wall was finished years earlier. This must have been an extension of the railing or something.

  2. I’m wondering if this is looking West up Jefferson. That appears to be the Jefferson Hotel sign peeking out on the right (see linked photo). The street map in The Grand Era of Cast Iron Architecture in Portland also shows a lack of buildings on East side of Naito (Front).

  3. The harbor wall was built in 1929 as stated by Mike, but when it was built it did not have any type of railing or barrier to prevent people from falling into the river. I have seen news stories of inebriated people walking over the edge into the river which would be a death sentence unless someone say you go over the edge and could call for help.

    Yesterday I left a comment about 5000 WPA workers starting work on several city projects like the 1000 working in city parks, but not included in the excerpt were the workers sent to the harbor wall.

    Oregonian November 26, 1935 page 1

    Two hundred men appeared at the harbor wall to begin the construction of a three foot railing which will surmount the wall. The first task was to build tool sheds.

    Oregon Journal November 21, 1935 page 1

    Construction of a railing on the harbor wall from SW Jefferson street to Glisan street at a cost of $40,000 is the largest project involved. WPA is furnishing the funds. This project will employ about 150 men but at times 300 will be at work in two shifts.

    The VP photo on March 24, 2022 shows WPA workers building the wall railing that began in 1935.

  4. This could be where the wall turns up toward downtown about 20′ worth just south of the Hawthorne bridge, and it is Jefferson where that happens.

  5. Jim the photo you posted is looking East on SW Jefferson. Crosetti Bros in your photo was located at 1226 SW 2nd which is on the east side of SW 2nd. The Hotel Jefferson sign in your photo can be seen on the right side of today’s VP photo, so this is the south end of the Harbor Wall. If it were the north end of the wall the gas storage tank (Gasometer) at NW 3rd and Glisan would be visible.

  6. Thanks for the response Dennis. I knew the picture I posted was looking East from Second. I posted it to support my contention that today’s post was looking West on Jefferson. 🙂

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