13 thoughts on “Sellwood Park, 1935

  1. guy without a hat looks a little dapper compared to the others. maybe they dragooned someone coming home after a very late night at the club?

  2. Rainfall in Portland was low in the winter of 1935 so at least these guys weren’t getting wet, it was still chilly. The guy on the uphill side of the “dapper” hat-less fellow is watching how the inexperienced guy is working. The dark figure lurking behind the shrubbery has glossy buttons on his coat and he’s not super tall, so it’s not Sasquatch.

  3. Oregonian November 26, 1935 page 1

    Five thousand men went to work on various city projects approved by WPA and financed with federal moneys, L G Apperson city engineer reported yesterday.

    1000 Work in Parks—–Another 1000 men went to work in parks, trimming trees and shrubs, building trails, cleaning up the parks and doing various other jobs.

  4. I think the hatless guy has gloves on as does the dark-shirted fellow behind him. And that fellow with the dark shirt does not have shiny buttons on his coat. The buttons are on his pants and his suspenders are attached. They’re steel buttons.

  5. The photo is dated two days before Thanksgiving, 1935. Wonder if these guy are earning, or earning enough for a turkey?

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