6 thoughts on “Washington Park, 1964

  1. Well, I tried to post the name of the winning rose for 1964 here but I was unable to find it in my searches. The City of Salem’s float won the parade that year. Even the Rose Societies web page didn’t have it, or, I just couldn’t find it.

  2. This was the year we had a Rose Princess for rose parade from North Catholic High School that was the first co-Ed catholic in Portland! Also a great year to graduate!

  3. Inspired by wploulorenziprince’s post, and since we had such a nice discussion of youthful years spent in this park (see the “Related” post above), I took a look through the Oregonian for 1964. The preponderance of “hits” led to ads for houses being sold with rose gardens as part of their attractions, and to articles mentioning the White House rose garden.

    In an article I doubt would make the news in current times, “Mayor Finds Arrowhead: Mayor Terry D. Schrunk dug up an Indian arrowhead while spading his rose garden Sunday at his home in North Portland. It is the second arrowhead found in his yard this year, he said.

    “Shrunk surmised the artifacts were left by hunters on the high grounds above the river flats in the early days. The flats were heavily populated by Indian encampments at one time, including the camp of Chief Multnomah. The Lewis and Clark expedition also camped in the general vicinity on its return trip in 1806.” — February 19, 1964, p. 23

    On May 17 (p. 35): “Rose Garden Contest Due: The Royal Rosarians and members of the Portland Rose Society will judge the annual Rose Garden Contest on June 8 and 9. All gardens in Portland, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie and Oak Grove are eligible, provided they have at least 25 rose bushes…. Gardens are classified according to size and location….”

    I never found the answer to wploulorenziprince’s question, but did find this:
    On June 8 (p. 32) under the title “Portland Rose Wins in Salem” there’s a short article about the Portland rose, “White Mitzi” which won queen of the show honors at the Salem Rose Show, exhibited by Dr. Richard M. Bolton.

  4. Oregon Journal June 12, 1964 page 16

    Awarded the Portland Rose Society Grand Sweepstakes trophy and Zell Brothers prize for a magnificently formed white and carmine tipped “Rose Gaujard” was Dr. Richard Bolton, 1742 NE 141st Ave. Portland. The 34 year old physician who captured the top hardware in Salem’s Rose Show last week, also received the Hilaire Runnerup Sweepstakes trophy for a regal specimen of “Royal Highness”, a delicate pink hybrid tea rose.

  5. What gives me such wonder and beauty is the skill and care that those bushes have and are being taken for. Thanks to those who make this possible to we who have it in our our back yard.

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