8 thoughts on “SW First Avenue, 1934

  1. We had quite a discussion about this exact same photo when it was posted on August 12, 2019 (see the “related” items).

  2. How to turn a vibrant residential neighborhood with sweet shops, lunch counters, and butcher shops, with freshly baked bread & pastry scents wafting through the air, into a corporate dead zone of boxy windowed buildings and parking lots.

    The young lad nearest the camera appears to be the “newbie” here; since he’s not really dressed for this sort of work and he isn’t wearing a hat.

    The woman on the right with her two bags of groceries is attempting to cross the street.

  3. none of the historic buildings are left all gone I cant believe this there’s got to be one still standing some where i like the 3 story brick building on the right that should have been saved !

  4. this type of great old world brick & stone cast iron architecture should always stand for all time
    and never should be erased from our world ever

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