11 thoughts on “Reservoir 5, 1960

  1. This photo was taken from a confusing orientation. It looks to be taken from the road at the northwest corner of the building during construction but the iron railing seen in the photo throws things off. Perhaps it was just a section of fencing that had not been put into its final position on the roadside of the finished structure. This is the closest most people will ever see of the building’s interior.

  2. The building in today’s photo is not the one in the streeview photo, but is located south of the streetview photo on SE Reservoir Dr. Efiles has a photo of the completed building that is dated 4/27/1959 , and historical aerial photos show it was built in the late 1950’s. The building in the streetview photo also appears other photo older than the 1950’s

  3. I believe the stairs of that building in the street view have dates inscribed in them. Early 1900’s. I could be thinking of something else though.

  4. Nice Dennis! I think you are absolutely correct. (The year 1960 shoulda been a better clue for me, since most of the reservoir structures were built circa 1910, right?) Here’s the building in today’s VP photo, just a little south along Reservoir Loop Dr. The windows match , although I think one became a door. You can also see the matching tree line on the right and the swath of grass on the left running up the hill toward the Tabor soap box derby area.

  5. When pictures of the reservoirs are used, wish the location or name would be used as well as the #. Some of us aren’t familar with locartion of the reservoirs by #

  6. Here’s that City of Portland Water Bureau doc (2009) describing the historic Tabor structures and suggested restorations. I believe this is the Hypochlorite Building (Weir House) described on pages R5-7 to 10.

    Click to access 2009-mount-tabor-historic-structures-report.pdf

    Oddly it says it was poured in 1951, not 1960. And, to me, today’s photo seems more 1951ish as well.

    One other bit of evidence for the second street view location is the metal fence in the left background, still there today too.

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