6 thoughts on “Columbia Slough Channel

  1. We had a very nice discussion of this project in July — so don’t miss linking to the “Related” item about it!

  2. Incredible. The PWA in action, fortifying dikes. I wonder if these levees failed at the Vanport Flood or still stand–hoping someone can find the exact location. And January 14, must be cold–we know that Oregon cold, wet and muddy, then seeing the Coffee Campaign guys to roll up.

  3. The ” levee” that failed at Vanport was not a levee. It was on the west side of Vanport. It was a railroad embankment that was sort of used as a cross dike. It was never intended to be an actual levee.

  4. Thorn this photo is looking North with the heights of Vancouver on the horizon. A portion of the slough South of the Columbia river has been filled and you can view what remains on Google maps if you enter this nearby address. (9272 NE Levee Rd. , Portland, Or.)

    The Oregonian reported on 1/15/35 that the high temp. was 36 degrees on 1/14.

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