11 thoughts on “N Kerby Avenue

  1. You can just sense the joy in the steps of these men as they walk out to their cars at the end of the day.

    Parking against traffic was recently a topic of conversation in a Lincoln City ‘Nextdoor’ post after a string of cars were ticketed along a popular beachside street. Seems it has been illegal for a long time (1957?).

    The ’55 Chevy (center/right) isn’t very old and it looks like it’s not receiving much care from its owner; missing hubcaps, and dirty. It’s not a two-tone version, but a solid color which I guess could be color #587 Bel Air Neptune Green Poly.

    The 1953 Studebaker Commander (with teeth) parked facing the camera on the other hand is very clean and shiny.

    The car at the corner looks like a Plymouth but I’m out of time.

  2. I did a little digging in the e-files, and it appears this photo was taken on Sept 16, 1957. Then I did a little digging into September, 1957, and though it seems a pleasant work day in Multnomah County, it was an extremely tumultuous time of cultural change in the United States. For a little historical context, this September would include:

    The Little Rock Crisis

    The Civil Rights Act of 1957

    Jack Kerouac releases his influential novel, On The Road

    Buddy Holly prophetically releases “That’ll be the Day”

    Jackie Wilson releases his first solo single, “Reet Petite”

    Elvis releases one of his most famous songs, “Jailhouse Rock”

    And the famous musical, West Side Story, premieres on Broadway.

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  4. After a hard days work for the City of Portland these men are headed home for dinner and relaxation on Monday 9/16/1957

    A few stories on page 1 of the Oregonian “2 Climbers Fall to Death Death From Lofty Gorge Dome” — “Portland Mother of Nine Admits Husband’s Murder” that enough news!

    Let’s watch some TV to relax from from 8pm -10pm.
    KGW ABC network “Barlow Concert” “Lawrence Welk” “Wire Service”
    KPTV NBC network “Twenty One” “Dance Party” Ted Mack Amateurs”
    KOIN CBS network “Studio One” “Men of Annapolis” “Burns and Allen”

    No let’s go downtown and catch a movie.
    Paramount Theater “Monsters from Green Hell” & “Half Human”
    Orpheum Theater “The Pajama Game”
    Fox Theater “Sea Wife”

    None of these movies sound any good. Hey let’s go out to Wood Village for Greyhound racing at 7:30 pm before bedtime and another day at Stanton Yard.

  5. Even more television Dennis!…in a few days, Perry Mason is about to premiere its first episode, “The Case of the Restless RedHead”!

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