9 thoughts on “Reservoir 5, 1910

  1. Terrific photo. I lived very close to the two reservoirs in Washington Park, then City Park. I anxiously await the completion of their years long renovation.

  2. Probably our most contentious reservoir. Big lawsuit following construction a century ago (which created the need for many photographic exhibits) and recent neighborhood pushback for its conversion to a reflection pond.

  3. Robert if you look on efiles portland at A2004-002.93 : View of facilities in Washington Park you’ll see a better picture of that tower

  4. Speaking of strange structures…”they don’t make them like they used to”, but in a good way, in terms of temporary restroom facilities.

  5. Parks officials paid $366k for parkland on Mt. Tabor in 1909.
    Reservoir 5, with a capacity of 49 million gallons, opens in 1911.

  6. Mike today’s photo is the construction of reservoir #5 on Mt. Tabor not at Washington Park. Today’s photo is dated 4/15/1910 and if you view the related above from May 27, 2020 the same location was photographed on 6/4/1910.

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