19 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor Park, 1964

  1. The e-files copy says, “Views of a hillside trail in Mt Tabor Park where a boy fell over the side” – September 8, 1964

  2. In the ‘70s we would drive here and climb to this spot to smoke pot. You couldn’t see people from below,l…

  3. Other photos from this location indicate a boys fell of a cliff starting in July 1964.

    Oregon Journal October 29, 1964 page 2

    3rd Cyclist Hospitalized After Plunge From Cliff. — An 11 year old boy was in satisfactory condition at Portland Sanitarium & Hospital Wednesday when his bicycle plunged over a 25 foot cliff in Mt. Tabor Park near reservoir #1. Police say James Neil, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neil of 6726 SE 56th ave, is the third youngster to go over the edge of the cliff this year at a sharp turn in the trail. A 14 year old boy Dennis White of 215 Seaside St., Santa Cruz Ca. died in California Aug. 20, apparently of injuries resulting from a fall from the cliff on July 28, He was in Portland visiting his brother, Mel White of 7423 SE Clay St. at the time of the accident. July 12, Kenneth Pruett, 4052 SE Holgate St. was hospitalized after riding his bicycle over the embankment. Young Pruett was taken to the hospital unconscious, but released some time after the accident. Park warden Del Reeder described the accident scene as an illegal hill climb path made by motorcyclist. He said the boys have missed the sharp curve while trying to ride down the trail with their bicycles.

  4. The man appears to be standing on the knoll above the intersection of SE Harrison and SE East Tabor Drive, just east of Tabor Park South Stairs. The photographer is facing west, the man south-southeast. Among other evidence, you can see a section of stairs, and the inner rock wall of the curve below, which align with this google maps view, which is approximately from the same spot as parked car.

  5. Injuries to the boy who died. Dennis White

    “He was admitted to Portland Sanitarium& Hospital following the accident with multiple fractures of his skull, a broken leg, broken nose and other injuries. He returned to California Aug 13.”

  6. Sorry to hear about an accident/death. Thanks for selecting the correct “today” location of this photo.

  7. Upon further inspection…I think the man could well be Park Warden Del Reeder or other city official investigating the actual accident scene. That may be the actual “illegal motorcycle/bike path” just in front of the him, dropping sharply to his right.

    Here’s the overhead view. You can see the sharp trail turn just north of the road. And if you’re biking down and see the false trail without know the drop-off and not many helmets in 1964…

    The side view reveals the knoll is quite steep, possibly 20-25 feet. This view is from approximately where the car is parked in today’s pic, and I think that gap by the tree above is the false trail. The victims may have easily gone across East Tabor onto Harrison…

    Incredible what hides in a photo. When I first saw today’s, I was like, meh. As always, great research folks.

    On a brighter note, other than to the sensibilities of soapbox derby purists everywhere, I think Mt. Tabor’s latest wonderful wacky soap box derby went off without injury.

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