12 thoughts on “Front Avenue Sewer Project, 1928

  1. Given the size and proximity of the two buildings in relation to one another, I’m guessing the one on the right is the Starr Block and the one on the left is the Cosmopolitan Block. These two buildings were separated by Oak Street. Both buildings survived the damage incurred during construction of the harbor wall. If I recall correctly, property owners were offered low interest loans to repair damage done to the main structures.

  2. Great photo, igor. Today’s view is south of the image in your post (see the Broadway Bridge in the background rather than the Burnside Bridge). Your image shows the Allen & Lewis block and the McCracken block with Davis running between them.

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  4. This pictures and the other ones like this capture the grittiness of the Portland waterfront in the 1900-30’s time frame. Something about black and white film brings this out better than if it had been in color.

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