18 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. VP photos from April-25-2017 & September-28-2015 show the same pool which is identified as Peninsula Park. The above mention photos are date 8-21-1935

  2. It is, as noted by Robert and Robin above, Peninsula Park. See this previous VP post:


    This pool was also the subject of a previous “Help Us Out” in 2017 where VP updated the info on the efiles photo to acknowledge that it was Peninsula Park:


    One of the comments in that thread mentions that the wall become the victim of the Columbus Day Storm. Perhaps someone here knows if that was the case.

  3. Brian the Oregonian published a photo on 10/14/1962 of the pool wall blown over and laying on the street side sidewalk.

  4. Yes, I was witness to the Peninsula Park pool wall coming down. Very scary as I was in the close by locker room watching the destruction out the window.

  5. Thanks Dennis and Jim for confirming the wall coming down in the storm. And very interesting that Jim was at Peninsula Park to see it! The storm was before my time, but I can imagine it must have been scary to witness in person for those of you who were there at the time.

  6. A beautiful photo of joy. This is 1939! A little window of good life between the Great Depression and WWII. Girls and boys can now swim together, and children of every color are welcome. In a broader view, the period of US segregation is ending, the Civil Rights Movement beginning, and the first anti-segregation laws are being passed. To me, Peninsula Park has been a wonderful place for kids to mix, starting with this photo, all the way to yesterday when I took the Rosa Parks exit, passed by the pool, saw the joy again, and rewound my own memories of splashing in that pool.

  7. Some of the older youths in this photo would soon be in uniform, and everyone’s life would change forever.

  8. In Ellis Lucia’s book, The Big Blow, there’s a photo of the Peninsula Pool’s downed wall on page 21. Must’ve been scary for kids (like Jim) who were there to see it!. On that same evening I was coming out of the old Neighborhood House’s indoor pool (2nd & Wood, SW Portland) waiting for my Dad to pick me up, and trees were blowing down 2nd Ave. in front of Lair Hill Park. When Dad arrived, it was a WILD ride home out past Hillsdale.

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