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  1. It looks like this might be a high school field. With the turnout, maybe this was a state championship game. I hope that narrows it down.

  2. The older post listed above had comments about Nick Scavone field in Eastmoreland Park – maybe this is the place?

  3. Both the Oregonian & The Oregon Journal had several stories about the newly lighted baseball field at Westmoreland Park in April and May 1945.

    Oregonian May 30, 1945 Page 19
    The white hot glare of as fine a lighted field as can be found on the Pacific coast and a turnout of 3500 fans greeted Portland Baseball association clubs Tuesday night at Westmoreland park as they launched their 1945 campaign in auspicious fashion.

  4. The key I think will be the official looking building (school?) in the background with the large flagpole. I don’t recall Eastmoreland Park having anything like that.

  5. From the outline of the building in the background, the arch shape window in the center of the building, the window arrangement of the building, and the locations of the fir trees, I believe this could be Peninsula Park, looking north.

  6. I agree with Monsterjoe, Peninsula Park. I believe that the photo is taken just north of the Peninsula Park gazebo, and you can see the top stair of the brick staircase in the bottom of today’s image. Here’s the overhead views:

  7. Vaughn Street Park? Now – for the time being – occupied by the ESCO complex?

    Cheers, Jim Heffernan

    An ruda na bo bhroin, cha bhi e na do thmhnadh That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations An old Gaelic saying ________________________________

  8. Looks like the bases were loaded here and all the action was along the third baseline – …there may be a player running to home plate but it is difficult to tell (they’re blurred out). At any rate, this crowd looks deeply involved/focused on the action – at this moment. Love the play of the light on the illuminated side and dark silhouetted side.

  9. My first thought was Peninsula Park. Building in background & placement of ball field looks right but question the heavy duty lighting?

  10. Can you determine whether this is baseball or softball. I couldn’t tell. I originally thought Irv Lind field at Normandale, but it wasn’t open until 1948.

  11. I believe that Westmoreland was the first baseball field to get light in 1945, but the buildings in the background of today’s photo and the buildings behind the backstop of the baseball diamond in Peninsula park today look to be a match. Current streetview photos in the park show no lights, but a story from August 1949 about a children’s circus in the park reported 5,000 people filled the bleachers to view the 90 minute show that started at 8pm, so the must have had field lights.

  12. My husband and I have read up on this and it has to be Peninsula Park ! The other parks don’t have Ross Gardens and Cement walk all around.and Ole Street Lamps

  13. My husband is really sure that it is (Westmoreland Park )as he played for the LongShoreman Team went to Oswego Lakers then off to Spokane Orielos.

  14. This is definitely Peninsula Park. The photo appears to be taken from slightly higher ground than the playing field as the camera is clearly well above the women standing behind the bleachers and even sees over the people on the bleachers. As mentioned by someone above that strip of bricks is the top step of the brick steps at Peninsula Park by the gazebo which are still there today as can be seen in the photo shared above by wploulorenziprince

    Just to reiterate, here is another similar vantage point with the bricks clearly in the same place:

    I think the combination of what appears to be a strip of bricks (actually top step) in the foreground, accounting for the elevated photo, and the building in the background makes this 100% Peninsula Park.

  15. I initially thought this was Sckavone Field in Westmoreland Park, but two things now make me think it is Peninsula Park. First is that the building in the background and the second is the brick walkway in the foreground. Both can be seen in the historic black and white photo and in the street view scene posted by wploulorenziprince.

  16. And further, if you zoom in to the building in the background of the 1945 photo you will see it matches in every significant detail the building in Peninsula Park today. Note the semi-circular window above the central door, the matching windows either side of the entrance (appear to be behind closed shutters in the 1945 photo) and the wings on either side of the central building.

  17. With photographic evidence provided by so many contributors, I’m not sure how anyone could think that it’s anywhere else but Peninsula Park.

    As Brian said: “100% Peninsula Park”

  18. The photographic evidence I believe confirms that this is Peninsula Park, also I have found that Westmoreland was not the first baseball field with lights, but could have been Peninsula that had lights installed in 1935.

    Oregon Journal June 30, 1935 page 24
    The city’s sports program will advance another step Tuesday, when the Portland Softball association inaugurates night softball at Peninsula park. The Portland softball team raised approx. $700 through a mass opening program earlier in the season for floodlight installation. Six 50 foot telephone poles were donated by E. C. Hickman, The Portland General Electric Co. offered to erect and set the poles. The electrical workers union contributed with experienced electrical help. — There are giant light units, using two 1000 watt lamps on each.

  19. PENINSULA PARK without a doubt! I grew up 5 blocks away & there were lots of brightly lighted summer evening baseball games, circus events for kids, etc. That’s the Community Center in the background, old doug fir stands to left near the now-gone wading pool, treesy to the right as well.

  20. One of the largest auto parks in Portland was just West of Peninsula along Albina Ave. It started out free and then eventually got over run by people taking advantage of it (basically squatting). Really nothing new under the sun.

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