15 thoughts on “NE Dekum Street, 1964

  1. As I stated before our family resided in Dekum courts in the late fifties.Had a good snowfall in 59. We used to bring store coupons to that store in the picture to redeem them and buy penny candy. Back then parents could send their children to the store with a note to sell them cigarettes, alcohol etc. Try that now. LOL.

  2. The Chevy Wagon has a government issued plate number of E60-540, and the VP photo from March 14, 2019 shows the same Chevy wagon with the plate E60-540 captured in that photo which leads me to believe that this is the photographers car and not a coincidence.

  3. I wonder if anybody nicknamed the house “Big Pink”? Looks like a city bus picking up (or dropping off) a passenger down 27th.

  4. I can’t quite tell if the old Blue and White Portland street signs have been changed out yet in this photo.

  5. Using Google Earth, I located a building that looks similar to the big pink one in today’s photo. The address is 2636 NE Dekum. Can someone look at it and determine if it’s the same place?

  6. Dennis. I have been stating this for quite some time. That it is the same 56 wagon in many of the photos around that time period. I just don’t have the time to go back and locate them. There at least a half dozen photos of this car, probably more.

  7. Liz– Yes you have the the correct address of “Big Pink” is 2636 NE Dekum. Built in 1922 the description on a permits is 2 story dwelling & store, with the old address being 844 Dekum.

    Mike– Click the August 24, 2021 related above the comments. The street sign on the power pole next to the mailbox looks to be blue with white letters.

  8. Doug B– I think you left a comment a few months back stating that it was the same car, which prompted me to verify that you were correct. I did find 5-6 photos of the car, but not all could be verified by license plate as today’s photo.

  9. Thanks, Dennis!
    I’ve now looked through the Historical Oregonian and found just a few things. “NEW RESIDENCES RISING: Fine Homes Going Up In All Parts of the City” … a new residence at 844 Dekum street, in Irvington Park addition for John Thompson will cost $5500 and will cover 24 by 26 feet, with two stories, according to announcement of Charles A. Peters, the builder.” (August 20, 1922, p. 10)

    “Miss Marion M. Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson, 844 Dekum street, became a bride of Albert N. Combs… at the home of the bridegroom’s parents in Lake Road, Milwaukie.” (May 18, 1925, p.12)

    And on January 20, 1952 (p. 30), under a huge headline “List Shows Those in State Entitled to Federal Income Tax Refunds” a very long list includes “Engles, Claude L. and May, 2636 N. Dekum, 1948.”

  10. An apartment building has been built on the lot just West of the pink house, replacing
    the market. I believe it was named Yong’s Market.

  11. I lived nearby on Liberty St,, about 15 years ago. I used to shop at Yong’s Market.
    Around the corner to the south of Dekum was a neighborhood of little homes that got torn down for Concordia College expansion, about 2010.

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