18 thoughts on “SW 10th Avenue, 1967

  1. KISN, yes I remember. I was younger but still. I wish Vintage Portland would put up something about Ramblin Rod.

  2. The two best AM rock stations in town at one time. Although KGAR would change their format from time to time.

  3. The Murray Hotel takes “Permanent” and “Transient” guests. Not a tagline you’re likely to see today.

  4. 1967 beetle on left. Must have been brand new. What is in the Powell’s building at this time? Can’t read the sign.

  5. I don’t remember KGAR in 67, and being top 40. My tastes changed and moved from top 40 to KVAN in 69. KGAR became more progressive around that time, and were direct competitors. Never was as good as KVAN, and did switch formats a few times over the next few years. Last time I heard them they were working out of The Inn At The Quay. I believe they even took the call letters of KVAN before they folded. KBMS, who replaced KVAN at 1480, has remained there for over 40 years as a black music station, hence the call letters.

  6. Obvious that the meter brigade went off foot and onto those 3 wheel vehicles. The windshield on the front car window is for sure a citation!

  7. I spent many a day going between those two radio stations in 1967 while promoting rock concerts mostly at the Masonic Temple on the South Park Blocks after first using the PSU Ballroom.
    A. J. Harold at KGAR v. The KISN Goliath. Great fun in an otherwise very soon to be tumultuous time for staid little prePortlandia and the entire country.
    With the Portland Police carrying Thompson submachine guns in an otherwise deserted Lloyd Center the following year for example.

  8. JL — If you click on the related photo above the comments that is dated December 3, 2021 you will see that the building that is now Powell’s was Wentworth & Irwin American Motors dealership. West Burnside in this era have several car dealerships

  9. Dennis, not only autos, it was apparently also “Radio Row” with another radio station operating out of the flat-iron building where Stark merges into Burnside (and now home to Ringler’s Annex).

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