8 thoughts on “Stanton Yard, 1935

  1. Horse ring! (maybe two or three)

    This scene reminds me of a South American barrio. Some sadly gone handcrafted homes in the distance, another one just left of frame no doubt, with a beautiful little yard (although I’ve never been a big fan of the red lava rock gardens).

    Pretty sweet sign they had at Stanton Yard, wonder where that ended up. And, at the end of the buildings, left of the car, there’s a strange white pole with an offset top bar, anyone know what that is? (coincidentally, I believe I saw another in the two recent photos of SE Woodstock Boulevard 1965, just right of the blue Chevrolet)

  2. Is that lava rock landscaping in the foreground? I always associate Portland neighborhoods with the lava rock incline in front of homes. My neighborhood (Tabor) had plenty, still does.

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