11 thoughts on “SE Woodstock Boulevard, 1965

  1. The washer/dryer combo on sale for $297 would be the equivalent of $2654 today. A big box store has a Whirlpool washer/dryer set on sale for $1098, off sale price $1400. Those machines from the ’60s lasted a lot longer than today’s machines. Today’s washers are usually good for 5-7 years, whereas that ’65 whirlpool could easily last 20 or more years.

  2. The house behind this building IS still there. The building had its roof reconfigured prior to 2005. The business that was run out of the building was The Joinery from 2005-2019.

  3. The newer building is labeled as the “Baden Building” by Google Maps. Porltandmaps shows that it was built in 1988. It has an impressive 24 segments. I don’t know any information on the old building. This is right across the avenue from the Woodstock Laundry which was in a previous post.

  4. Loving the front loading washer and dryer outside next to the driveway where an American Bell (ATT) service truck is parked.

  5. Standard TV & Appliance’s website verifies that they started in 1947 at the location shown in this photo as Standard Refrigeration Sales & Service.

  6. Definitely Standard TV & Appliance, my mother was hit on frequently by the owners son in the early 70s, despite the fact that that she was married with three children. Thanks for posting all the vintage Woodstock neighborhood pics lately!

  7. @Chris Slama
    Yes, the appliances today are less expensive (taking inflation into account) but they don’t last as long. I’ve encountered shoddy workmanship myself. However, today’s washers use water much more efficiently, providing savings over the life of the machine. The reduced waste water is a big advantage for those of us (like me) who rely on septic systems Dryers are easier on clothes and slightly more economical now with dampness sensors. New dryer technologies (ultrasonic and/or heat pump) are just appearing that will provide bigger economies for dryers.

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