12 thoughts on “NE 82nd Avenue, 1966

  1. That’s a ’58 Rambler Custom 6 Cross Country parked out on 82nd ave.

    That’s a Ford Falcon heading south in traffic. More on Falcon:
    “In The Beginning: 1960-19631/2 When the Falcon debuted in 1960, it was truly a humble machine. Economy was foremost in the minds of the designers and marketing department, and the entire lineup had stodgy written all over it. To be fair, 1960 wasn’t exactly a banner year for styling at any of the Big Three, so Ford was hardly alone. The Falcon debuted with two- and four-door sedan body styles, while two- and four-door wagons and Rancheros signed on several months later. The only engine in the 1960 lineup, the 144ci six, could be had with either a three-speed manual or two-speed automatic. Reflecting the nature of the beast, power steering and brakes were not even available.”

  2. Past and future side by side – an impersonal hamburger chain goes in next to a small diner selling the same products. Hmmm, I wonder what will happen?
    As I recall that little place sat there empty for several decades – it must be gone by now.

  3. In the seventies or earlier eighties I think that Arctic Circle became a ‘Cowboy burger’? or something like that. I remember they used to have actual horse saddles for seats in part of it.

  4. I believe it was Burger Country – as I recall the location at 82nd and Foster (formerly Arctic Circle). They had saddles for seats!

  5. I missed that Neil had already mentioned the ‘saddle seats’.. Apparently that made quite an impression on anyone who ate there!

  6. @wploulorenziprince
    Cars introduced about1960 weren’t all bad. I acquired a 60 Valiant in the early 70s, and it lasted until 1983. It had a push button transmission that locked out reverse when moving forward. The slant six engine worked faithfully, even after compression had dwindled below reasonable numbers.
    Don’t blame Arctic Circle too harshly for the loss of the coffee shop. Maybe it might have lasted a while, but McDonalds was already in town, and in the process of wiping out Arctic Circle and others.

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