15 thoughts on “Council Crest, 1949

  1. I find it ironic and more than just a bit sad that the advert is exhorting trolley users to use “this car” to go purchase an automobile that would eventually help put the trolley lines out of business.

  2. Looks like he’s got one passenger. Everyone else is at Windolph’s buying a car on 19th and Burnside.

  3. I’m not positive, but I think the photo is taken a short distance up this trail, my understanding is it’s the former trolley line.

  4. Janice, the CC line traversed SW Vista ave for much of its route. Some of the track was on a dedicated right of way.

  5. …but it could be many places along the route. This lost chapter of Portland has always fascinated me…taking the cable car trellis from Goose Hollow, the trolley turnstile and primate cages near Ainsworth School, the forested crawl up the hill to the amusement park, the water trough log ride, current churned by a repurposed steam paddle wheeler, and heavy wooden roller coaster, ripping around the rim, trees completed removed, incredible 360 degree views from Saddle Mountain to Mount Jefferson to Rainier. It must have been a blast just to be one of the troller operators, occasional elk or deer on the tracks…

  6. The last trolley runs to Council Crest were on August 9, 1949, and the Oregonian printed a map in August of 1949 showing that the trolley right away would become the 32 foot wide street of SW Greenway ave.

  7. This photo looks as though it may have been taken at the end of the line since both cars seen here, are stopped. A nice snap of the driver and his passenger.

  8. Thank you. I delivered mail all around Council Crest in the late ‘90s. The old timers said back in the day they would ride the trolley with the mail and walk around. The big green relay boxes you sometimes see would have mail deposited and they would pick up the relay mail. Then ride the trolley back to the post office 😅

  9. This is my neighborhood. The only place with two tracks with that hillside on the left would have been Greenway. There were double tracks on Vista but there is no hillside like that. The route around the crest was a single track. The Greenway uphill section went around the hill anti-clockwise to the station on the western edge of the park then continued the loop to become the downhill track on Greenway. I’m guessing the photo is from somewhere near here.

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