N Broadway, 1973

Aerial of the N Broadway, looking northeast towards the Eliot neighborhood and N Interstate Ave, 1973.

City of Portland (OR) Archives, Aerial of the Broadway Bridge, looking east towards the Eliot neighborhood and N Interstate Ave, A2012-005.

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9 thoughts on “N Broadway, 1973

  1. There’s the Bekins Building at the east end of the Broadway Bridge, along with the Colosseum parking lot across the street. Can anyone identify the tall grain silo on the river in the left side of the photo. It’s very distinctive, and as a kid in the 1950s I seem to recall it had a big Albers sign on it.

  2. Robin, I believe that grain silo could be the ‘Bungy Corp.’? My friends father worked there and in the late seventies we used to visit that Grain silo with his dad.

  3. Robin the date of this photo is August 1973 and when the photo was taken the grain elevator was owned by Kerr Grain Corp., but only a few months later in October 1973 it was sold to Bunge Corp. and today is owned by Cargill.

  4. Robin I forgot to mention the Albers Mill silos are on the west side of the Broadway bridge, and are up against the bridge.

  5. Thanks, Dennis, for the information regarding Albers and also the Kerr Grain Corp. That Kerr Grain silo goes way back in Portland history, long before I was growing up in the 1950s. I don’t know what year it was originally built, but just now looking at some photos of it on the internet, it’s changed its “look” over the decades to keep up with grain-loading technology and shipping requirements, as has the nearby old Globe Mill & Elevator (on east side waterfront between Broadway & Steel bridges), which was acquired by Kerr sometime in the 1930s and has now greatly expanded and is probably owned by Cargill. (Please forgive run-on sentence.) Portland’s waterfront certainly has a fascinating history and many interesting tales to tell!

  6. Hi df! Thanks for your info regarding that grain silo on the eastside waterfront. That’s great that you got to go in there with your friend and his dad. I would’ve loved to have done that. Great fun!

  7. As a deckhand in the late seventies I would position and tie up grain barges for discharge at Bunge Elevator. While pulling the first line, usually a fixed line, out of the river with a pike pole we would run across many Willamette River White Fish. It was Always a very disgusting encounter.. . 😝

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