10 thoughts on “SW 3rd Avenue, 1934

  1. This area has been on my bike commute for almost 20 years so the corner looks familiar. I think SW 3rd is now Hamilton Terrace. The landscape looks right but the trees and buildings have all been replaced

  2. Historic plumbing permits show that SW Hamilton Terrace was formerly 3rd street at the intersection with Bancroft. Portland maps shows that the houses at this intersection predate 1934, but the the house in this photo looks nothing like the house in the street view image.

    Looks like they dismantled or are building a brick due to the huge stack of bricks.

  3. I’d say this is the house. At some point they added on a third floor. The garage and entrance are in the same place as are the shape of the windows on the first 2 floors.

  4. Portland Maps shows the three houses at the top of the hill built in 1908, 1893 and 1892. So it’s the same house, highly modified. And today’s photo shows a Spanish style house next door on Hamilton/Third which is now also completely redone, built in 1903 per Portland Maps.

  5. sssteven is right. This is the house at 4138 SW Hamilton Terrace, built in 1900. The Spanish house must be the one at 4084 SW Lowell Lane, built 1927, but doesn’t show on google maps.

  6. Definitely looking north on SW Hamilton Terrace at #4138. They left the eyebrows over the windows, otherwise almost unrecognizable. You can see just a smidgeon of the roof of #4204 — a fascia board and decorative brace that are still there. (Look above the hat of the guy at right with the nice lace-up boots!)

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