11 thoughts on “N Kerby Avenue, 1931

  1. There were some nice homes in this area and the older industrial buildings being repaired and refurbished are pretty cool also, with their heavy metal bars.

    Hoover was president when this photo was taken and these men were quite lucky to have work. I wonder how many “Hooverville” shanty towns Portland had at this time?

  2. There was a fairly large Hooverville in Sullivan’s Gulch. The Fred Meyer on NE 28th has photos of it, in the hallways to the staff area and bathrooms.

  3. Following the link NorbertD provided (which is also in the Relateds today), there was a discussion by VP users that points to the PBOT Maiintenance Operations buildings on the site today.

  4. There was also a large Hooverville in the area between Barbur Blvd and the Ross Island Bridge approaches.

  5. There are at least 8 people, most likely veterans of WW1, working but still reeling from Black Tuesday, thinking about their families, trading gripes about that deferred payment the military promised.

    History often obscures a more nuanced truth, and the legacy of Herbert Hoover is a great example of bitter irony. And, it’s just remarkable how Oregon played a role. Some great articles:

    World Food Program USA:
    The National Interest:
    National Archives:
    National Park Service:
    Oregon Encyclopedia:

    Orphan. Newberg. Stanford. Millionaire. Belgium. Russia. Worldwide fame, the Great Humanitarian, least experienced president ever…and, botches it, with help from General Douglas MacArthur. Hoover made America the hope of the world, but Americans only remember Hoovervilles.

    Fascinating stuff.

    I also think I see a horse ring on the sidewalk, but I’m not sure.

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