10 thoughts on “Stanton Yard, 1932

  1. Good to see the “Related” items are being provided again. Today’s leads to two previous discussions of this campaign. Cheers!

  2. Another great photo of the Coffee Campaign. It would be kind of fun to know who’s fingerprint is on the lower right in this picture!

  3. The 5th man supervising in hat, coat and tie. But what about the sixth man looking on in through the door on the right. He is strangely outfitted in the same, overseeing the operation. Food inspectors?

  4. The gangsta dude is striking a classic pose. The gangsta in the shadows is great – looks like light-colored fedoras were in.
    What’s the fellow in the checkered shirt holding anyway?
    I hope this is the last Coffee Campaign photo.

  5. This was taken at the same time and place as the June 6 2022 VP photo, but from the opposite side of the room. Many of the same people appear in both photos.

  6. Next to the sleeve of the man with his hand on the counter it looks like a can of “Borden’s Evaporated Milk” (canned milk) which perhaps was used as a coffee creamer. This looks to be the same can the man in the checkered is holding, and the cans stacked on the shelves. I have seen images from 1930’s of these cans with the same look.

  7. If one checked Grandpa’s closet in the sixties one could still find some of those baggy suit pants they wore back in the day.

  8. The mystery remains…what brand of coffee is it?

    Only the greatest VP researchers could possibly discover that.

    I’m still hoping it’s Boyd’s.

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