22 thoughts on “NE 39th Avenue, 1988

  1. Winchell’s has become a Starbucks, and the Pagoda lost its pagoda and become a Key Bank. Poor Richards became FedEx Office.

  2. FWIW, the Pagoda’s food was awful salty, though their orange tiled façade was fantastic. I used to stop at that Winchell’s with my work crew summer 1977. I learned that a free cup of water was a good deal, if you chugged a cup of cold coffee at home on the way to build hiking trails.

  3. this is very familiar, I was a junior at Benson High in ’88. such a good year. and I believe my friend drove a chevy chevette just like the blue one in the foreground, it was his moms car.

  4. Finally a picture of Poor Richards, my 1965-66 workplace. I had read that Poor Richard’s had been sold maybe 5-6 years ago, but the new operator shut down after 6 months or so. Then it lay vacant for a long tome I never knew it became a FedEx Office.

  5. @haylee
    Inflation of the dollar between 1988 and now is about a factor of 4. So the 83c price would be about $3.30 in today’s dollars. For several recent years the prices for gasoline fell well below the $3.30 equivalent. Certainly today’s prices are higher. But now I have a Toyota Camry hybrid that gets 40 mpg. Back then a thrifty sedan might get 20 mpg. So overall impact on my pocketbook is less now, even with the price increases.

  6. Little King and Baskin Robbins. Little King was a great little sub shop, right up there with Vee-Macs and Depot Deli.

  7. I recall, in ‘88, around the corner from here was Bob’s Yesterday Records. I still have some records I bought there. I was a great l’il store.
    I think it’s a pet grooming place now, but the “We Buy Records” sign stayed for quite a while, and it may still be there. I moved away last year.

  8. Poor Richards didn’t become a FedEx office. It’s still vacant with all its signage still up. The present FedEx store is at right where the gas station is in the old photo.

  9. I saw a Fedex window location in the Keybank location and a Fedex drive in location a block away at 1547 ne 40th but no Fedex location at Poor Richards which still looks empty.

  10. Today’s picture has Regular and Unleaded; Unleaded soon to become the Regular and Regular gas discontinued at the pump.

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