6 thoughts on “Rose Festival, 1954

  1. The float is made of blue flowers and has a small black cygnet in front of a large swan. Two women in blue gowns sit on the float, one holds a red ribbon. The text on the float reads “Mixer Mobile” and “The Ugly Duckling.” A small yellow sign with the number 43 is visible on the front of the float, signifying its number.

    Official Program of 46th Rose Festival, June 9th-13th 1954.

  2. In 1954 Baseball had not arrived at Multnomah Stadium and it was used as the venue for greyhound dog racing in Portland. On the right edge of the photo is the Tote board showing race results, and the black & white police car is parked on the race track.

  3. So classic. Are we talking cement mixers? I’m sure a few VPers were in that crowd or on that field. The boy and photographer in the fore are Rockwellian, the Royal Rosarians look good as new 52 years after being founded, and I suppose Jantzen’s Red Diving Girl will soon grace the bleacher walls, though I couldn’t find the exact year she arrived. I did find this and liked it:

    Happy Rose Festival everyone, and thanks VP for the apropos photo. In my opinion, our history with roses is the richest soil in our city’s soul.

    Pro tip, the roses in Portland’s original garden, Peninsula Park, are exploding right now! I highly recommend a walk through there this week. This morning I stood downwind atop the staircase, fountain gushing afar, the gentle breezes from across the beds funneled to me, thick with a thousand rose scents. Just amazing.

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