13 thoughts on “NE 13th Avenue, 1960

  1. Many familiar automobiles from childhood are seen in this photo. The red caution lanterns hanging from the sawhorses are very “quaint”.

  2. That’s Benson in the background, where I spent four glorious years. And in the foreground, a brand-new first model year 1960 Falcon.

  3. Those are the “dept. of public works” signs I remember as a kid. Some of them were equipped with battery operated blinking lights that I thought were really cool.

  4. With all the changes that have happened to this intersection, the stone railing behind the parked cars is still there today.

  5. Holladay was a one-way westbound at this time as seen in the photo (presumably this was done at the time the westbound freeway offramp was opened leading directly onto Holladay). Later when MAX was built in the 80s, Holladay was reversed into the east-bound one-way it is today.

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