11 thoughts on “SW Kingston Ave, 1935

  1. Nice to see that the street hasn’t changed a bit, all these houses are still there. Although the little brick house has been painted yellow and white.

  2. The address of the house with green shutter is 337 SW Kingston. According to Redfin it was “Built in 1925-26 for Matthew and Florence Lynch. Architect A. E. Doyle; Colonial Revival Period “

  3. On January 27, 1959 (p. 13) the Oregonian printed: Gift Bequests Total $12,500: Charitable bequests totaling $12,500 are contained in the will of the late Matthew J. Lynch filed Monday…. Lynch, 78, 337 SW Kingston Ave., a contractor and road builder, died Jan. 13. Worth of the estate has not been appraised. Bulk of it goes to relatives.

    Charitable bequests included $2,500 each to the University of Portland, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Archbishop Edward Howard, Academy of the Holy Child, all Portland, and St. Paul’s Church in Oswego, NY, Lynch’s native city.”

    According to several online calculators, $12,500 in 1959 is about $120,000 today.

  4. I believe the first house on SW Kingston was built in 1918. It is further north on the SE corner where the street turns; a large colonial.

  5. Liz yes that is the house. I looked at it but but was also trying to locate the brick house next door, and on closer inspection on streetview I see that the brick house was painted white.

  6. The curbs are very impressive, all the telephone poles in the parkway were very depressing-glad somebody decided to bury the telephone wires.

  7. According to the fire hydrant, the photographer was standing near the metal gates to Washington Park and Japanese Garden today–the closest approximation I found was the May 2009 google map pic. I was intrigued by the rocks lining the left driveway, which seem unusual and an accident waiting to happen. Sure enough, they were removed but didn’t go far, now sporting sword ferns and century-thick moss.

  8. The distant houses barely visible on the next hill appear to be on left, 2740 NW Calumet Terrace, and right, 318 NW Lomita Terrace.

  9. Pastportland shows that the white house had a previous address of 223 Kingston ave. and the building permit was printed in the Oregon Journal on October 9, 1924, but the stated dollar value I think is a typo.

    M J Lynch, residence, 223 Kingston ave. Builder, United Contracting Co. $1,000

    The house next door to the south and not shown in today’s photo with the building permit printed in the Oregon Journal on December 13, 1924.

    Pittock Estate, residence 233 Kingston ave. Builder Hersball B. Nunn, $8,000.

    Pittock Estate ?

  10. This scene makes me imagine Wally & Beaver Cleaver walking home from school, and watching their father Ward drive by in his car as he arrives home. Or it could be Father Knows Best episode.

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