9 thoughts on “SW 6th Avenue, 1967

  1. August 2019 view: Max & bus lanes now occupy this area. The fire hydrant was relocated across the street and it’s hard to say if the young tree in today’s photo is the same tree as the big one in today’s photo; I don’t think it is.

  2. Hi Uploulorenziprince: Hard to say about the tree. It might be the same tree as it seems to be in the same position, although the sidewalk has expanded outward. (Check the position of the streetlamp in both photos.) If it is the same tree, it’s grown in these 55 years and is beautiful! Thanks to Portland for all the beautiful trees downtown. Besides adding to the fresh air and providing shade, they soften the often sharp-lined highrises and parking structures, thus making downtown Portland a pleasant place to stroll.

  3. @tomjones3 That’s $0.25 ($2.18 in today’s dollars) for the first half hour and $0.20 per hour after that. That City Center Parking lot is now $5.00/hour.

  4. That may be the old downtown YWCA, to the right of the parking garage. I love the mysterious exit from the old Broadway Theater!

  5. Sam yes that is the old YMCA at SW 6th and Taylor, which was demolished in March 1978, and between the YMCA and the parking garage is the east side entrance to the Hilton Hotel. At this entrance in June 1990 I and a few others had a chance meeting with “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali and his companion who had just exited the hotel, or were about to enter the hotel.

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